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Travis Britzke
Ancestral Permaculture: Birthing the Eagle Condor Reality

Travis Britzke
Socio-Biologist, Syntropic Forest Gardener, Permaculture Designer, Facilitator, Artist and Singer/Songwriter

  • 18+ years living in tropical communities (Intentional, Indigenous, and/or Subsistence Farming), fully immersed in farming and agroforestry systems.
  • 15 years Managing/Designing Organic Farms & Volunteer Programs from Guatemala to Bolivia
  • 3 years Peace Corps Panama Agro-forestry Volunteer and Assistant Trainer
  • University Thesis on Socio-Biology, Positive Psychology, and Culture of Wellness

Vice President, Association Community Carbon Trees
Co-founder Diamante Bridge Collective and Diamante Luz
Board of Directors, Perma Vida Foundation

Permaculture consolidates traditional wisdoms from around the world into 3 concise guiding ethics that when embodied, foster personal, social, and ecological wellness. By living “El Buen Vivir” and balancing the energies of the Eagle ( masculine, head, rational, analytical) and the Condor (feminine, heart, emotional, intuitive) we heal our web of relations and restore balance to our social, economic, and ecological systems. Freeing ourselves from illusion and subconscious programming, we are now crystallizing a planetary paradise built upon love and cooperation.