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Terra Entheos
Visionary, Catalyst, Speaker

Terra is a mother of three with a passion for lifelong learning, spiritual expansion and practical integration. Upon graduating from university, she decided to backpack around the world for two years to really put her education to use. After 27 countries and many wild stories, Terra returned to Canada to invest her energy in supporting people in crisis and transition. For years she facilitated suicide intervention training and became a certified community resource specialist to help people navigate the complex network of social services. Terra’s experience in the crisis field led her to understanding how many societal problems are a barrier to wellness.

Terra was a founding member of a transformational dance community called ARCA (Actualize Resonant Collective Awareness) Tribe in Edmonton, Canada. She produced quarterly events, festivals and retreats to honor the solstices and equinoxes. This desire to initiate change within the social fabric led her to community organizing and working towards building on common interests between multi-stakeholder groups to affect positive social and environmental change.

It has been an ongoing journey of reflection, action and integration over the last eight years of living in a foreign country, becoming residents, having two home birth babies abroad, learning a new language, navigating bureaucracies, learning about the public education and health systems, starting businesses and supporting in earth care with local environmental groups. She’s spent the last 7 years working for Envision Festival co-creating in a myriad of roles the magical playground of inspiration, creativity and transformation. Now she spends her time playing in waterfalls with her children and launching online programs with Uplift Learning Inc. https://upliftlearningonline.ca/