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Nina Wosar
Coach, Breathwork and Play Guide

I am incredibly passionate about sharing Embodiment practices of many kinds (movement, sound healing, toning, meditation, breathwork) that support people in transforming what’s no longer serving so they can create space for their BEINGness to shine through, amplify their connection to their inner divine wisdom, and activate their brilliant magic within!

Breathwork is an incredibly powerful practice that does just this!

Learning and using these tools in my life has been life changing, and it’s my mission to share them with others to empower them in building their own personal resilience.

As we each individually do this, we expand our own capacity to support others and contribute to collective resilience.

I also weave the elements into all of my work, as these elemental forces of creation not only miraculously create and sustain our life on this planet, they also hold archetypal wisdom within each of them that we can learn so much from.

I believe that humanity’s collective re-connection to the elements, the earth and her ancient wisdom teachings is an essential part of the awakening humanity is currently experiencing.

Connecting across the globe! I see us all planting our seeds of light and creating a powerful, beautiful web of light as we come together to create sacred space as a global soul family. This feels so special to me. Thank you for creating this space for us to come together, connect and share codes! I’m very honoured and excited to apply with a contribution.