Nicole Gayatri
Elemental AbunDANCE

Nicole Gayatri is a wealth and wellness alchemist who helps her clients transform through self devotion and elemental alignment. She has been diving deep into shadow work and somatic release through movement as well as women’s empowerment and womb healing for the past decade. Her Yonicise method and Divine Alignment practices have helped hundreds of women step into their power, find their mission, and create their abundant dream life. Nicole is also a mama, who lives and teaches from her home in Costa Rica.

Elemental AbunDANCE is a fusion of guided meditation and movement that takes practitioners on a journey through their body.
Releasing blocks and clearing chakras to embodying the wisdom and power of each element within. Recognizing the oneness of all Divine creation and how the elements bind us to one another, allows us to flow freely in the frequency of the elements to true abunDANCE.

This program is for you if you feel called to align with your Divine Nature and wish flow in the frequency of abundance.

If you want to feel more connected to your body and learn how to truly resonate on the same vibration to be able to cocreate with the space around you.

You will learn to FEEL the separate elements within and harness their atomic power through vibration.