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Matthew (Mateo) Christodoulou
Transformational Facilitator, Visionary, Artist

Mateo is a grassroots pioneer having founded Collective Evolution in 2009, now one of the world’s largest alternative media outlets with millions of followers combined across social media. His work has been seen around the globe having produced three independent, feature-length documentaries, hosting CE Radio, writing, hosting transformational seminars, events and retreats, and public speaking on various topics such as personal development and sustainable environmental solutions. He is dedicated towards bringing clarity to the true nature of reality, and helping people to remember who we are as creators.

For the last decade, Matthew has been on a journey around the world seeking out solutions to pressing global challenges, networking, consulting, learning and innovating along the way. Fast forward to 2021, after having roots planted in Costa Rica for 3 years, he created ELEV8D as a brand that represents a foundation for change through non-profit and community initiatives.

Be change.