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Mark Roland Wolf
Sacred Play / Playful presence

Bryn and Mark create space for authentic connection and inspire playful expression. Bryn is the developer of the Temple Of Yes and works as a writer, intimacy coach and yoga instructor. Mark is an engineer and movement artist integrating acrobatics, dance and human connection. Both Mark and Bryn are longtime kriya yogis. Together they bring a magical mix of meditation and movement.

Mark and Bryn believe pleasure is a birthright that awakens purpose and ease in our lives. Through this class, they co-create a playful atmosphere that brings attendees present to their pleasure. Through guided breathing, movement, energy work and connecting with one’s own body, they teach how to cultivate the grounded wholeness that makes living a life of pleasure and connecting intimately with others joyful and fulfilling. In becoming rooted in our energy bodies and releasing energetic blocks, we begin to fill our own cups and activate abundance, wholeness, passion and purpose.

authentic connection,
grounding integration
intimate awareness
meditative movement
playful partnership
pleasure navigation