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Laura Shanaley

Laura Shanaley Waya is a passionate singer, dancer and chef who simply loves the good things in life. She has been a professional chocolatemaker of the biggest raw chocolate company of Europe (Lovechock.com) for 8 years and has lead tons of cacao dance ceremonies, after her dance training with Malaika Darville in 2016.

Inspired by her spiritual travels travels through Brazil, Ecuador, India, Peru, Bali and Thailand she loves to capture devotional essences from all over the world and blend those colors and spices creatively into her own unique way of ceremony. She loves to touch the inner child in you with her enthousiasm and zest for life. She had a self explorative path with several ‘plantwisdom teachers’ for 20 years and she is on a soul’s mission of singing with the plantteachers right here in Costa Rica.

Recently she picked up her former passion of chocolate alchemy, together with Eric Rivkin and they are busy launching a chocolate line. Also she succesfully launched her “Vegan Pizza Crackers” product on the local markets.

PayPal: laurajoy444@gmail.com