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Flordeliza Amore Pesigan
Sonic Alchemy Voice Activation

Flordeliza Amore Pesigan is a Soul Weaver, Creative Alchemist, Multi-disciplinary Artist, and Way Shower assisting others into raw self-expression, authentic truthful living, self-mastery, and ascension. She integrates the power of Light code/Sound Alchemy transmissions, Art activations, Voice as medicine, Embodied Movements, Elemental wisdom and activations, Womb wisdom, Ceremonies, Intuitive guidance, Deep soul works and Self-awakening Inner Dance process in her offerings. She holds transformative, ceremonial, and creative sacred spaces, immersions, and facilitator trainings in service of the collective consciousness. Whether traveling or in her off-grid jungle home planting, she creates light encoded Medicine Soul Paintings, dances, sings, performs and supports birth journeys.

Transformative vibratory experience of re-membering through an expanded awareness of mind, body, energy and the vast wisdom within.

InnerDance is an experiential self-awakening process that guides one into an expanded state of consciousness. It is an intuitive remembrance of who and what we are, awakening the Inner teacher, Inner wisdom, Inner Healer accessing the vast intelligence and love that runs through us all. Everyone’s journey is unique and begins on the mat. Music, channeled voice, live instruments, and “touch” all create a sensory immersion that activates the brainwave patterns to Journey into Dreamtime – Awake. The container sets the conditions to allow spontaneous movements, deep silence or whatever one is willing and ready to access, release, express, understand, activate, alchemise and anchor into a life of wholeness. This process is rooted in ancient Filipino shamanic tradition and has now evolved into a Global Energy School Movement committed to supporting this time of global awakening.