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Casey MacDonald
Visioning 22 : Frequency Alignment to Amplify your Highest and Inspired Intentions

A Visionary, Connectress, Intuitive Energy Practitioner and Holistic Lifestyle Consultant; Casey specializes in energy and frequency alignment and has been joyfully playing with visioning and sound prayers to share transformative frequencies on the planet. She has gained extensive experience of the body’s inner workings and how to support a healthy lifestyle through inspired movement, nutrition, emotional processing, mindfulness and energy balancing.
Visioning and Belief re-patterning are two practices Casey utilizes as she strives to inspire and empower people to open their hearts to all that is possible in their lives; assisting them to step into their soul’s fullest expression.
Casey’s purpose was revealed as a – shadow walker of light – after going through a very deep cleansing and healing experience these past few years. She is now called to bestow a message of hope to others, encouraging them to embrace that healing is possible, by sharing her story of recovery after being diagnosed with an “incurable chronic condition”. Casey is now stepping into service as a space holder and guide for others’ healing as they journey through their own shadow walk and embrace all of who they are and their light within.

Amplify your 2022 inspired intentions with a transformative visioning practice as you up-level into a higher frequency, and experience a state of expansion. Co-create and manifest with your Higher Self the most beautiful, abundant life with a meditative practice using visioning and frequency alignment. Come play with your imagination while being guided and supported to be the playwright, the director, the actor and the observer as YOU create YOUR movie, your abundant 2022! Up-level YOUR reality and frequency with a refined and detailed visioning practice and manifest your soul’s purpose and deepest desires.

– This is for You if you tend to let your past experiences influence your future.
– You will experience how to step into a higher frequency and feel the shift physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally.
– Learn how to navigate and create a detailed vision of your future.
– Feel into the frequency shift and manifest your soul’s purpose and deepest desires.
– Re-pattern old, unhelpful beliefs and step into a new reality with ease.
– Tune into the power that a personal visioning practice has to create and support the collective vision of divine joy, love and harmony on the planet.